Friday, June 19, 2020

Education For Life project provides videos in the area of beauty

The Education For Life Project, resulting from the ABIHPEC Institute's partnership with Intercoiffure Brazil, is making short videos available in the beauty area to students from the four institutions supported by the project that offer classes to people in social vulnerability. The videos have technical content to support the professional training of the students of the hairdressing and makeup artist courses.
The goal is to bring information and develop young students from institutions with quality content produced by professional hairdressers and makeup artists who work and have recognition in the market, promoting education and generating hope for so many young people who have the dream of becoming a beauty professional. The videos are sent to the representatives of each institution who pass on them to their respective teachers and students.
The production of the videos was started in April and these were recorded by the Experts (technical team of hairdressers and makeup artists members of Intercoiffure Brazil) and sent by WhatsApp, to students, currently one of the most accessible tools for this.
Due to the social isolation caused by COVID-19, this was the way found by the project to provide educational support to students of the institutions in this time of pandemic.
"Technology has helped us realize that we can be present and help those who really need it from afar," says Laiz Preziosi, intercoiffure manager.
According to the President of Intercoiffure in Brazil, Paulo Cordeiro, the Education For Life Project has rescued many young people at risk from crime and drug trafficking, because he values the human being, giving him professional training, dignity and hope for a better future. "The partnership with the ABIHPEC Institute has only increased and strengthened this work, allowing a greater scope of the project and support to the institutions benefited."
For the President of the ABIHPEC Institute, Claudio Viggiani, it is very important to continue encouraging the initiatives we support in the area of training of beauty professionals, especially in this time of difficulties we face and aiming at favoring the community of students who are characterized by the situation of social vulnerability they present. While face-to-face classes cannot be resumed, we will continue to "feed" them with content relevant to their training.
The videos are produced by intercoiffure's team of experts, who are responsible for the education area of the association. The team is led by technical directors Rodrigo Gimenes and Michael Ribeiro, and has seven other experts: Bruna Calixto, Cleber Venâncio, Douglas Garcia, Eduardo Muller, Ivaldo Lima, Jéssica Ortiz and William Anselmo, all renowned professionals in the beauty market. Among the topics covered are hairstyles, cutting techniques, care, communication, brush, professional ethics, washbasin and others. To date, five videos have been produced and an e-book of Expert William Anselmo has been made available. The e-book was sent exclusively to the four institutions served by Education For Life.
All materials are produced exclusively for the Education For Life – The four institutions: Casa do Menor São Miguel Arcanjo, Instituto Profissionalizante Mangueira, both from Rio de Janeiro and Associação Crescer Sempre and Projeto Tesourinha, both from São Paulo. These institutions receive financial support, product donations and technical support.
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