Monday, June 15, 2020

Chinese lab announces 90% success in covid-19 vaccine tests

The Chinese laborotatório Sinovac announced on Sunday, 14, two promising new advances. According to Bloomberg, more than 90% of people who received doses of the vaccine produced antibodies against covid-19 within 14 days. And no side effects were observed that put at risk the continuation of the tests of the vaccine named Coronavac.
Sinovac is the same laboratory that partnered with the government of São Paulo for a testing phase with 9,000 people, as announced by Governor João Doria. The state was chosen for a third phase of testing, fundamental for confirming the efficacy of the vaccine, because it still has active community transmission of coronavirus. According to Doria, if all goes well, the vaccine, which can be manufactured in partnership with the Butantã Institute in Brazil, may be available in the Unified Health System in 2021.
This Sunday's announcement refers to previous stages of testing, phases 1 and 2, made in China. A total of 743 healthy people aged 18 to 59 years received either doses of the vaccine or placebo combination doses. According to Sinovac, the most recent findings will be published in scientific papers.
The Sinovac vaccine uses an attenuated version of Coronavirus, and is among five Chinese researchers that have already reached the human testing stage. There are other promising vaccines in testing in Europe and the United States. One of them, from the AstraZeneca laboratory in partnership with Oxford University, will also be tested in Brazil, thanks to a partnership between the Lemann Foundation and the Instituto D'Or. On Saturday AstraZeneca announced a partnership with the European Union for the distribution of up to 400 million doses of the vaccine.
Another research, from Cambridge University with the Modern laboratory, will enter phase 3 testing in the United States. In total, there are more than 130 vaccines against covid-19 under test worldwide, with investments totaling US$20 billion.
Brazil and the United States are the two countries hardest hit by coronavirus. On Saturday 13, the consortium of press vehicles that gathers information about the pandemic announced that Brazil reached 42,000 deaths to more than 850,000 confirmed cases.
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