Tuesday, May 05, 2020

What has the consumer been thinking about brands?

During this period of pandemic, the Instituto de Pesquisa & Data Analiytics Croma Insights wanted to know which 20 brands were most remembered by consumers throughout Brazil, due to the actions that some of them have been doing for the benefit of society; their behavioral patterns and their major concerns about the risks of coronavirus contagion.
For this, a survey was conducted with 7,076 people, divided into seven phases, in the period from February 15 to April 20 of this year. And the results were as follows:
? Apparent stability in the face of chaos – although the population is still very concerned (72%) with Covid-19, there is a downward trend in this feeling. There was a drop in the percentage of those who wash everything that enters their homes (from 72% to 65%) and home office practice (from 56% to 47%). Most of the population dispensed with the services performed by the maids (36%) and only food deliveries are still on the rise.
? New habits – the face mask has become more present and more than half of the interviewees say they started using it. Gel alcohol also became part of the routine of almost all interviewees (96%).
? Consumer behavior – the main highlight was the strength that neighborhood markets have been acquiring at the moment, with 52% of people saying they started shopping on this channel. Video streaming channels (76%) and audio (46%) also continue to grow during the pandemic, in addition to transport applications, with an increase from 10% to 12%.
? Most cited brands – among the companies positively remembered by the consumer, in the face of the pandemic, Ambev (12%) continues to lead as the main highlight for its actions of producing alcohol gel and face masks, followed by Magalu (9%), which stood out for the fact of maintaining the jobs of its employees and the daycare assistance, donating equipment and acting strongly in its marketplace. The other brands mentioned in the sequence were: Itaú (6%), Ype (5%), Americanas (4%), Natura (4%) and Santander (4%), Carrefour (3%), Boticário (3%) and iFood (3%), among others.
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