Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Vtex Buys Two Startups

Vtex, a unified trading platform, acquired two operations in the first half of the year, that of dLieve startups, which specializes in the logistics and delivery sector, and Biggy, a research company based on Artificial Intelligence, product suggestion and digital showcase customization. With the purchase of dLieve, Vtex started the development of the "Vtex Tracking" tool, which delivers real-time information to its customers - solves problems in the last stage of the delivery process of an order. The solution, in operation at Carrefour, Whirlpool and LivUp, has already shown an average of 15% reduction in the rate of re-deliveries. The acquisition of Biggy incorporates Artificial Intelligence into the platform through the Vtex Search solution, a feature that brings more intelligence to searches made on a website. The tool is not limited to the registration of the product, it can better understand what the customer seeks. According to Vtex, the pague menos pharmacy chain recorded a 25% growth in the search sessions of its e-commerce after migrating to the solution and grew by 30% its sales originated from the search for products on the site. In addition, the platform also developed Vtex Log, a logistics solution for e-commerce, connecting merchants with a network of carriers. They operate in different regions of the country, enabling deliveries to places where many retailers previously had no coverage, and impact business metrics generating average savings in freight costs that can reach 84%, vtex says.
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