Thursday, May 28, 2020

Prezunic will double donations made by customers this week in Rio

In the first week of the new action, until this Friday (29/5), the Rio supermarket chain will double the amount of food donations and hygiene items made by its customers in all its stores. Mesa Sem Fome's proposal is to install donation collection points for communities hardest hit by the new coronavirus crisis in pharmacies and supermarkets. In this way, customers who wish can purchase the products in the participating stores and deposit them for donation in the units themselves. "Prezunic is already part of the Mesa Brasil Program, and we could not be left out of this new initiative of Sesc, following our proposal to collaborate for the well-being of people, especially those most in need," says Patrícia Perez, prezunic's marketing coordinator. "On Friday, at the end of the day, we will calculate the amount of items donated in all stores and we will also make a donation to the campaign, in the same volume, doubling what is collected." The collection points for the Mesa Sem Fome will be installed in prezunic's 30 stores until July 20th. The campaign also features the participation of the Archdiocese of Rio, which will help extend donations to homeless people, refugees, families suffering from unemployment and the new coronavirus itself. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Prezunic has held partnerships that have resulted in the donation of 2,000 basic baskets, 1,000 masks and 10,000 hygiene items to several needy communities in Rio. The network has been supporting 'lives' of artists, such as singer Ferrugem and actor Babu Santana, who also promote actions that encourage the population to make donations to those who need it most. In the most recent event, Prezunic announced the Mesa Sem Fome campaign during the Revelation Group live, which took place last Sunday. At the time, the presentation, with more than 8 hours of duration, reached the peak of 80,000 simultaneous spectators. Prezunic's first unit was opened in 2002. The supermarket chain operates in the State of Rio de Janeiro, with a Distribution Center and 30 stores distributed between the capital, Metropolitan Region and Baixada Fluminense, employing about 6,000 people directly. In 2011, the company joined Cencosud, one of the largest retailers in Latin America, with more than 50 years of expertise in the sector.
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