Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Leo Madeiras will give aid of R $ 600 for 3,500 joiners

In an attempt to minimize the impacts of the crisis generated by Covid-19 in the country, the Leo Madeiras chain of stores, a distributor of materials for joinery and furniture industries, launches the Project Joinery of Good, which will donate R$ 600 (divided into two monthly installments of R$ 300) to more than 3,500 joiners from all over the country who lost income due to social isolation measures. To apply for assistance, applicants must register through the project website and meet all prerequisites required by the program regulations. Only those over 18 years old can participate. Those who comply with all the prerequisites required by the Joinery of Good will have their registration evaluated by a scoring system that will consider factors such as number of dependents, performance as MEI, lower family income, pre-existing disease, affiliation to some association of joiners, participation in courses offered by Leo Madeiras and client of the network. The age of the candidates will serve as a tiebreaker. The older ones will have the preference. Those who are classified in the last stage will receive a statement with the list of documents necessary for the opening of a digital account at Banco Afro, a supporter of the initiative. In this way, the beneficiaries will be able to withdraw the help offered by the project. The recipients will be encouraged to produce donation pieces as a way to contribute to institutions or social organizations that also need help at this time. In addition, they will have online access to content directed to their own health care and that of their families, professional guidance, as well as instructions for the production of different types of furniture and utensils. The Joinery of Good also has a system of crowdfunding so that it can increase the number of professionals benefited by the action. The initiative is linked to the Leo Institute, an entity focused on the third sector maintained by the company, and has the support of the Integrated Center for Studies and Programs for Sustainable Development (CIEDS) and Duratex S.A., producer of industrialized wood panels and floors, crockery and sanitary metals. The project was inspired by the program Pintar o Bem, launched in April by Suvinil. The company invested R$ 1.3 million to help painters.
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