Monday, May 18, 2020

Digitizing calls is a challenge, but also hope for freelancers

The traditional way of working, both merchants and service providers, had to be rethought quickly in recent days. Faced with the pandemic, entrepreneurs who had only physical stores had to reinvent themselves to continue with the lucrative business, completely changing their model of activity. For service providers, the Internet has also become the best ally to attract and retain customers. Capturing, serving and retaining customers during the crisis caused by the pandemic is a major challenge. Launched eight months ago, Uber for beauty services BNYOU, works as a platform that brings together professional masseuses, makeup artists, manicures, hairdressers and barbers. Through the system, interested parties choose the service, pay, and schedule the service that is performed at the customer's home. The platform has seen a 40% increase in demand for services since March. One of the platform's partner service providers, Simone Nunes, a technologist in aesthetics, saw the work decrease significantly with the pandemic. It was by resorting to technology that he found a way to keep working. Simone, registered with BNYOU since its launch, was the most sought after professional of the application last year and saw in the system a way to attract and retain customers. Today, of all the services provided by the entrepreneur, at least one per day, comes from scheduling by the platform. In Simone's vision the application helps because it performs the entire process of capture, marketing, negotiation and payment. "It's a facility for both the customer and me. I don't need to mediate, offer value, all the platform already does, including dissemination and marketing", says Simone. Because it is a home care, safety care was doubled after the beginning of the pandemic. "We implemented protocols for monitoring symptoms, sanitizing with alcohol and sodium hypochlorite and using masks and gloves in all visits. This rigor also applies to customers, who can only be served if they consent to security protocols. We baptize this set of procedures as the Care Pact, because they are essential care for everyone," explain Gabriella Garcia and Fábio Rigoni, partners of BNYOU. Technology has brought a solution both for those who are offering their knowledge, product or service, and also for those who are isolated. But you need to identify what the market problems are and design the process before making it digital. These are the tips of Rafael Tortato, State Coordinator of Startups and Innovation of Sebrae / PR. According to Rafael, at this time, both for entrepreneurs who already have a consolidated business and for autonomous, one of the fundamental points for digitization to be successful is to hear what the customer and the market need. "You have to listen to the customer and the market so that the proposed solution really meets the need and expectations.  It's no use developing an idea that isn't tied to the customer's need," he explains.
Gazeta do Povo - 15/05/2020 News Item translated automatically
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