Thursday, May 07, 2020

Coronavirus: How will companies work after the pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic caused companies to discover new possibilities of action and new forms of work organization. A revolution has anticipated! Professionals in the technology sector already talk about the adoption of new directions, new tools and ways of working by organizations from various sectors. So I wonder: what will the post-pandemic world look like? The Fast Company website brought together executives from large companies and asked them to share their projections for the post-coronavirus period. Among the testimonials, I was struck by Michael Hendrix, a partner at the international design firm Ideo. Hendrix makes it clear that the need to establish new work routines contributed to more traditional companies seeing the importance of migrating their processes to the digital sphere. Another interesting testimonial was that of Cloudflare CEO Matthew Price. The executive makes it clear that the bet of companies in technology was so assertive that it can transform forms of work. For Price, the pandemic resulted in what he calls the largest remote work experiment ever experienced by mankind. The CEO also states that people are strongly seeking online means to connect with others, whether for work or social issues, and that this trend will continue even after the pandemic. Pedro Englert, president of the StartSe business school, in an interview with Exame, declares that the world will be different after the coronavirus. He says that for companies to deal with unpredictability there will be the fall of a traditional system of command and control, where decision-making and strategy-making focuses on high leadership. For the executive, such a system may even work in a normal routine, however, when the market proves unstable, it is not as effective. When all this passes, the tendency is for companies to involve more managers of their teams in decision making to reverse scenarios and plan new actions. According to a report by WGSN, one of the world's largest trending agencies, when people return to public spaces and businesses, companies should invest in strategies to engage consumers more deeply. It will be necessary to create places that bring the feeling of security, of being at home. Companies will be even more charged for actions with employees and society in general. Organizations that show more concern to ensure safety and collective well-being will win over more consumers. All executive expectations and WGSN information reinforce that companies will not go through this pandemic and resume their routines as before. The modes of work, production, the tools used, the day-to-day in the factories and the mentality of companies from different markets will be modified. We experienced an era of challenging change. As an entrepreneur, I am very optimistic: after the crisis new opportunities will open up. What do you think about the post-pandemic future? Rodrigo Diniz Mascarenhas
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