Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Clean House Renovating

Now with its own production Limppano, the ODD dishwasher has its national launch. Following the precepts of quality and high performance that have always accompanied the brand, the new dishwashers arrive in six classic fragrances: lemon, neutral, apple, coconut, clear and the traditional blue version, which marked generations. All with odor control technology in formula and unique bottle, great impact on POS!
Limppano will hold the campaign "It's time to win" on the line of cleaning sponges until June 30, throughout the country. There are hundreds of prizes of up to R$ 500.00 at the time.
In addition to the shopper, the trade also wins! The stores where the shopper is awarded will be awarded twice the amount in bonus.
The promotion includes hotsite, broad portfolio of POP materials and dissemination in our social networks
The high-performance multipurpose cloths Toalex and Furatto present a new redesign in their composition, now with Silver Ions. Technology that protects the cloth from germs and bacteria that cause bad odors. The protection remains during use and does not go out in the water, providing advanced cleaning for all types of surfaces, especially in the current scenario, due to the Covid-19. Consumers are adopting new needs and priorities.
Another special novelty marks the year. The Inspira Dehumidifier line has been redesigned and innovates once again! The new packaging brings transparent lids for easy recycling, as well as disposal tips. Featured, the largest weights on the market: 100g and 230g versions. The category has a high growth potential, including the arrival of winter. Inspira Dehumidifier is a great ally to eliminate moisture and prevent mold, fungi and odors.
With two factories in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Limppano has been operating for 57 years in the dry cleaning and perfumery segment. Limppano is one of the largest companies in the sponge production category and one of the top five with the Inspira line, a complete line of products with exclusive fragrances for home and bathroom. The company is present throughout Brazil and also exports to eight countries in the Americas. Our portfolio features more than 150 products. In addition, it has the e-commerce
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