Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Innovative aseptic packaging system for liquid foods arrives in Brazil

"After a period of low economic growth, we believe that the Brazilian market will regain its momentum in the coming years and open up new opportunities for the food industry to expand its offerings to the market," says Andreas Jeppsson, Regional Director of the Americas at Ecolean. The company is optimistic about the growing demand and the prospect of supplying the Brazilian food and beverage market with an unprecedented type of flexible stand-up packaging. "It's an opportunity for industries to further differentiate their brands through an innovative offering, meeting new demands from customers and consumers," Jeppsson said. Ecolean packaging has an innovative design that results in an attractive presentation on the shelves, greater ease of use and handling. They are significantly lighter, representing about half the weight compared to many traditional packaging formats and contain up to 35% calcium carbonate in their composition, characteristics that result in low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. In addition, they do not have aluminum in their structure, allowing direct heating in the microwave. Ecolean's portfolio of solutions in Brazil will be directed to beverage and liquid food companies, such as sour cream, condensed milk, yogurts, juices, soups and food service products. Positive experiences with Ecolean's expansion into emerging economies such as China and Pakistan reveal a promising scenario for expansion to other regions, such as South America and, more specifically, Brazil, which is the second largest aseptic packaging market in the world, the fourth largest milk producer and has a population of more than 200 million people. Ecolean currently works with 8 out of 10 of China's largest dairy companies, as well as leading multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Danone. And recently, Ecolean had a successful launch with Alpura in Mexico.
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