Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cargill innovates with resealable plastic pot for Elephant tomato extract

Cargill announces new packaging for its portfolio of traditional Elephant tomato extract. The product is now available in 340 gram reusable plastic pot, with slap opens and closes. The new packaging is the result of research done by BP Associados and the Ipsos Institute, indicating that consumers of the brand seek an option that has a longer post-consumption shelf life than the traditional can, since the plastic pot can be reused. For Augusto Lemos, Ceo of Cargill Foods for South America, listening to consumer opinion is an essential tool for Elefante. "We are always in touch with our customers and evolving to meet their needs. When we evaluated the results of the research, we found that reusable packaging with lid opens and closes are highly valued and this influenced our decision about the launch", explains the executive. "Elephant follows with its traditional recipe, with 18 tomatoes, sugar and salt, but its packaging now brings a layer of internal protection, which keeps the product even more preserved, with flavor, color and aroma kept longer after production. The novelty is part of the actions planned by Cargill to make the brand more modern and close to the consumer", points out Esdras Leite, product manager at Cargill. In addition to the new packaging, Elefante is also changing its positioning and visual and verbal signs, with a focus on consumers seeking culinary pleasure – people of all generations, who enjoy cooking, gather friends and families around the table and be recognized for it. With the new slogan "Elephant, living together yields more", the brand has evolved into a more informal and intimate tone of voice, which is closer to its consumers. According to Cargill, the brand wants to inspire recipes and the union of friends and families with their messages on social networks, advertisements and advertising materials.
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