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April, 2020

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Digital Transformation

4/20/2020 - Online Investment Boosts Sales, Says SBVC

Quarantine increased the sale of electronics by up to 85%, says consultancy

4/20/2020 - Families have fun and work from home: isolation stimulated use and purchase of new electronic device

Good opportunities. Despite the crisis, investors continue to bet on startups.

4/17/2020 - In times of crisis, many people end up, out of fear or misinformation, choosing to retract and do no

Company Highlights Online

4/17/2020 - Nestlé Sustains Sale of 12 Mi of Easter Items

Packaging on High

4/17/2020 - Cardboard Sales Grows 10.92%, says ABPO

Sale of hygiene and beauty product drops up to 15%

4/17/2020 - Estimate is from the manufacturers' association; drop is higher in products sold in franchises or by

Industry and Points of Sale extend length of stay of Easter products

4/16/2020 - Abicab and Abras chose to extend the length of stay of Easter products at points of sale throughout

Shop and Factories Reopen

4/16/2020 - Aurora Winery Continues Production

L'Oréal Professional Products creates platform to help beauty salons

4/16/2020 - In order to minimize the economic impacts and keep the business of the professional beauty market in

CNA launches 'online fair' to facilitate trade in agricultural products

4/16/2020 - Platform will bring together producers, buyers and logistics companies from all over the country, to

With closed stores, sellers flock to digital

4/15/2020 - To circumvent the effects of quarantine, brands create strategies to mobilize employees and supply t

From Wholesaler to Retailer

4/15/2020 - Portal Feira do Ceasa Starts Fractional Sale

Mineral water and healthy beverages sustain sales

4/15/2020 - The mineral water sector works without interruption to supply the market. The product is a must-have

Free Assisted Sale

4/15/2020 - Software Assists Commerce Without E-commerce

Growth in E-Commerce

4/14/2020 - Konduto Reveals Featured Segments

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