Monday, March 23, 2020

Alshop Announces Measures To Help Shopkeepers

BrMalls malls such as VillaLobos, Tamboré, Metrô Santa Cruz, Mooca Plaza, Jardim Sul, Piracicaba and São Bernardo Plaza, in São Paulo, will be closed until April 30. Internacional Shopping (SP), Londrina Norte Shopping and shopping malls in Curitiba have also interrupted their activities but will maintain some operations at reduced hours such as: supermarkets, pharmacies, health services, public services, gas stations and food services, which will operate only through deliveries. Multiplan also announced that the operation of its malls will be suspended in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and Brasília. Measures Alshop Alshop announced two measures to support retailers who are struggling with the scenario of restricting the operation of trade. The association created a service channel to guide shopkeepers, on how to proceed to negotiate rental and condominium fees next to the malls. In addition, Alshop also announces a first credit release measure, obtained from the State Government by Desenvolve SP and Banco do Povo.
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