Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Gas rises 3.64% in Rondônia and becomes one of the 5 most expensive in Brazil

The gas cylinder (13 kg) was 3.64% more expensive in Rondônia during the last ten weeks, according to data from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). On November 30, cooking gas cost R$ 79.38 on average. Already last Saturday, February 1, the botija started to cost R $ 82.28 and made Rondônia become one of the five states with the most expensive gas in the country. The largest weekly price increase in the state of Rondoniense was between January 11 and 18, when the average value of the bottle jumped from R$ 80.96 to R$ 82.08 (an increase of 1.38%). Prices constitute an average caculated by the ANP from data collected in commercial establishments in Rondônia. More than 500 establishments have been surveyed since November. The values, therefore, vary according to the municipality. Top 5 of Brazil ANP data reveal that Rondônia currently has 5th place with the most expensive gas in Brazil. The first place is occupied by Mato Grosso, where the bottle costs R$ 95.88 on average. Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, has the cheapest gas, costing R$ 63.33. See the top 5 of the gas price: Mato Grosso: R$ 95.88 Roraima: R$ 85.25 Acre: R$ 84.23 Tocantins: R$ 82.99 Rondônia: R$ 82,28
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