Tuesday, February 04, 2020

BB goes to social networks and colleges to attract the young woman of digital transformation

Plastered to hire and above all retain professionals in areas whose dispute for labor is great, Banco do Brasil begins to change the way of attracting talent. For the first time, the bank will recruit the young woman who understands digital transformation via social networks, technological centers and events in colleges. Today, few geeks dream of public tenders for clerk, the bank's main gateway. It will have a contest, but in addition to the call to speak the language of the new generation, the vacancies will have the profile of millennials. The selected will be closely monitored by managers, who will give them challenges and build together the prospect of a long-term career at the bank. Fat carrot. Although the idea is to attract young people through the growth plan, pay will also be attractive. The floor in the area of information technology in the bank is around R $ 10 thousand. More than the initial salaries in the private sector, in Rio, São Paulo and Brasília, where vacancies should be. The hammer as to the salary, however, has not yet been beaten. Due to the monitoring of managers, it will be a small group: between 40 and 60 young people. Shackles. The institution intends to make two selections this year, one in the first half. The model would reduce the ties of being a public bank, since President Jair Bolsonaro refuted the privatization of BB as defend the current management and the economic team. The disclosure will be made via the Official Gazette (DOU), whose publication is mandatory. Tailored. It is bb's first move to have more specific careers in its professional framework. In areas other than IT, however, the bank will study the lack and also the surplus of staff due to the last rearrangements it made in the current management, under the command of Rubem Novaes, chosen to preside over BB in bolsonaro government. Techs. On another front, the institution is close to approving a budget of a few million reais to invest in companies or partnerships with startups. In this group, the bank targets fintechs, legaltechs and agrotechs.
O Estado de S.Paulo - 03/2/2020 News Item translated automatically
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