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February, 2020

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Uber revenue grows and animates investors despite loss

2/7/2020 - In recent months, app-order transportation company Uber has been challenging: showing investors that

Euromonitor reveals the most influential trends that shape consumer behaviour

2/6/2020 - Every year, Euromonitor International identifies emerging and fast trends expected to take place nex

Rede D'Or São Luiz will invest R$ 8 billion to increase beds by 60% in four y...

2/6/2020 - On the one hand, the collapse of the public health system. On the other, investors eager to look for

Construction industry considered regular billing in January

2/6/2020 - The association representing the construction materials industry, Abramat, identified that most comp

ePharma projects to broker R$ 1.33 billion in drug sales

2/6/2020 - ePharma, which specializes in managing drug benefit programs (PBM) in the country, projects a 17% in

MSMEs Increase Retail Participation

2/5/2020 - The participation of micros, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in retail revenues has reco

Brand Grows 40% in the Special Cuts Segment

2/5/2020 - Jbs brand Friboi recorded a volume growth in the premium meat segment, so-called special cuts, up m

Low-income inflation begins 2020 with slowdown

2/5/2020 - The lower rise in food prices eased the inflation rate for low-income households earlier this year.

With Braskem in Novo Mercado, Petrobras opens door to company exit

2/5/2020 - Petrobras is focused on bringing Braskem to Novo Mercado, a segment of greater requirements for B3's

Cielo opens sixth physical store and predicts 14 others

2/5/2020 - Cielo, controlled by Bradesco and Banco do Brasil, opens its doors tomorrow from the sixth physical

Consumer confidence grows by 1.2 point in 2019, according to CNDL/SPC Brazil

2/5/2020 - The consumer confidence indicator ended 2019 with 47 points (on a scale that goes up to 100), level

Bradesco has a profit of R$ 22.6 billion in 2019

2/5/2020 - Bradesco had net accounting income of R$ 22.582 billion in 2019 and R$ 4.883 billion in the fourth q

Acquisitions Reinforce Fintech Pay Hub's performance

2/4/2020 - Linx, which specializes in retail software, announces the acquisition of PinPag, which provides ser

BB goes to social networks and colleges to attract the young woman of digital...

2/4/2020 - Plastered to hire and above all retain professionals in areas whose dispute for labor is great, Banc

Gas rises 3.64% in Rondônia and becomes one of the 5 most expensive in Brazil

2/4/2020 - The gas cylinder (13 kg) was 3.64% more expensive in Rondônia during the last ten weeks, according t

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