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February, 2020

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GUM sales Rise 50% in 2019

2/14/2020 - With double-digit growth per year, GUM, which specializes in oral care products, recorded a 50% inc

Nestlé Bet on Coffees and Chocolates in 2020

2/14/2020 - Nestlé aims to grow 5% in 2020 compared to last year. Exclusively for Giro News, Nestlé's director o

Heineken Grows 14% in 2019 and Announces New CEO

2/14/2020 - Heineken brewery posted net income of 2.17 billion euros ($2.37 billion) in 2019. The figure is 14%

Group 3corações Acquires 50% of Positive Brands

2/14/2020 - The Group 3corações, which specializes in cafes, and Positive Brands, which has brands such as The

Norwegian to have fleet of 100 trucks to bring gas to the interior of the cou...

2/13/2020 - With an eye on the opening of the Brazilian natural gas market, Norwegian Golar Power will begin thi

Bradesco prepares energy marketing ticket

2/13/2020 - Bradesco evaluates opportunities to enter the lucrative electricity trading market. The company, the

Service sector grows 1% in 2019 and is 1st high in 5 years says IBGE

2/13/2020 - The volume of services provided in Brazil grew by 1% in 2019, interrupting a sequence of 4 years wit

Consumption of new technologies helps keep inflation low

2/13/2020 - The change in the habit of household consumption caused by the popularization of transport and purch

Sales of trade accumulate up 1.8% in 2019 and grow for the 3rd year in a row

2/12/2020 - Retail sales grew 1.8% in 2019, according to data released on Wednesday (12) by the Brazilian Instit

Ceagesp estimates loss of R$ 24 million due to rain in SP

2/12/2020 - The Company of Warehouses and General Warehouses of São Paulo (Ceagesp) estimates that the damage du

With digital transformation, companies prioritize artificial intelligence

2/12/2020 - The digital transformation experienced in all sectors should cause companies to focus investments on

Free Market Bill $674.3M in the 4th Tri

2/12/2020 - The Free Market grew 84.4% in fourth-quarter net revenue to $674.3 million. Sales on the marketplace

Carrefour Confirms Negotiation with Makro

2/12/2020 - Newspapers on Tuesday (11) comment that the Carrefour Brasil Group confirmed negotiations with the

Rains in São Paulo: only in trade, loss can be R $ 110 million

2/11/2020 - São Paulo – The rain that has hit São Paulo since the evening of Sunday, 9, wreaks havoc through the

Construction sector raises queue for IPO

2/11/2020 - The line of construction companies for capital opening does not stop growing. In addition to Moura D

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