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Market raises inflation expectations and forecasts higher GDP in 2019

10/28/2019 - Financial market economists raised inflation estimates for this year and also predicted greater grow

Fruit exports in The San Francisco Valley expected to break record

10/28/2019 - Fruit exports are expected to break a record in the São Francisco Valley in Pernambuco. The producti

Trade confidence rises in October, says FGV

10/25/2019 - The index that measures trade confidence rose 1.2 points in October, from 97.2 to 98.4 points, accor

BMG and C&A set stock price and raise R$3.2 billion in IPO

10/25/2019 - São Paulo — Mining bank BMG and fashion retailer C&A priced their initial stock offerings (IPO) on t

Ascenty Investmillions in New Data Center

10/25/2019 - Ascenty, a company in the data center market, begins the activities of its 14th data center in Braz

Payments App Reaches 12 Million Accounts

10/25/2019 - Digital portfolios are consolidating in Brazil. This is the case of fintech PicPay, which has recor

One in five Nubank customers had never had a credit card

10/24/2019 - One in five Nubank customers in Brazil had never had a credit card in life before the "Roxinho". The

In judicial recovery, Renova Energia announces new CEO

10/24/2019 - São Paulo — The electric Renova Energia will have a change in command, with Marcelo José Milliet Ass

Walmart stores in SP are called BIG

10/24/2019 - Walmart stores in São Paulo, in the metropolitan area of the city and in Campinas, Limeira, Araras a

Heineken has a slight drop in the volume of beer sales in Brazil

10/24/2019 - Dutch beverage manufacturer Heineken reported on Tuesday (23) that the volume of beers sold in Brazi

Revenues of the company reaches 6.42 billion Euros

10/23/2019 - Danone, the French dairy industry, announces that its revenue in the third quarter of 2019 has adva

Coca-Cola grows 38% in third quarter

10/23/2019 - The profit of Coca-Cola, a beverage manufacturer, grew 38% in the third quarter of 2019. The value

Magazine Luiza and Netshoes announce first sponsorship together

10/23/2019 - São Paulo – Retailer Magazine Luiza and e-commerce company Netshoes announced sponsorship of two of

First KitKat store in São Paulo focuses on consumer experience

10/23/2019 - São Paulo – The Swiss giant Nestle inaugurated in São Paulo a store of Kitkat, the company's best-se

In SP, 60% of traders believe they have the ideal stock size

10/22/2019 - São Paulo — The stock index (IE) of the state trade in the capital of Brazil Advanced 1.0% in the ma

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