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April, 2019

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Coffee after lunch represents 10% of the value of the meal, computes Ticket

4/30/2019 - The traditional coffee consumed after lunch corresponds to 10% of the price of a full meal. The find

After profit 14.6% more in 2018, Cargill plans to invest R $500 million in Br...

4/30/2019 - The net profit of Cargill in Brazil grew 14.6% in 2018, to R $679.8 million, while the company, one

Goal registers profit of R $35.2 million in Q1

4/30/2019 - The Gol airline had net income of $35.2 million in the first quarter R, 83.7% drop on the R $215.6 m

Japanese Softbank must announce on Tuesday $1 bi investment in Rappi, says so...

4/30/2019 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the Japanese Softbank is expected to announce on Tuesday an investment of 1 bill

Following cautious consumer shopping on mother's day

4/30/2019 - Mother's day, which this year will be celebrated on May 12, should lead the movement of capital reta

Caramuru passes off the crisis in the shipping table

4/29/2019 - Some R $100 million invested since 1995 in the structuring of a transport logistics based on waterwa

Manufacturers investing in the production of premium export markets

4/29/2019 - An eye on the potential for market expansion and premium exports, textiles manufacturers make invest

Investment in technology should increase sugarcane production in MT without e...

4/29/2019 - Started the harvesting of sugarcane in Western Mato Grosso. This harvest, growers celebrate the incr

Microsoft will abandon the requirement of periodic change of passwords

4/29/2019 - Microsoft announced some modifications to the base line of your Windows security, a standard that gu

Pine nut crop in Santa Catarina should fall by half

4/29/2019 - The harvest of the pinion in Santa Catarina has begun, but the forecast is that the production is ha

Online sales grow 14% in the first quarter to R $17 billion, says survey

4/26/2019 - Online sales go from saves, despite the still slow economy upturn. In the first three months of the

Profit of Lojas Renner surpasses expectations and grow 45% in first quarter

4/26/2019 - The fashion retailer Lojas Renner had quarterly net income higher than expected and 45% higher compa

Fight between platforms can reach the authorities

4/26/2019 - The fight for the exemption of tariffs waged by the digital platforms of investment can make a new c

Deadline for qualification of interested on Avianca may be extended

4/26/2019 - The deadline for qualification of interested in slots-takeoff and landing permits – the Avianca may

Santos Brazil has demand exceeding 2 times for R $300 mi of debentures

4/26/2019 - Santos Brazil, which acts in the area of operation of containers and port logistics, attracted deman

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