Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Papirus expands product line and renews logo with a focus on sustainability

Papirus, one of the largest cardboard manufacturers in the country, announces the expansion of its product line, simultaneously with the change of its logo, with the aim of strengthening its commitment to sustainability. They are products such as Vitacycle, produced with 30% post-consumption recycled material, and Vitacopo, aimed at producing resin paper cups and easier to recycle. With the prospect of increasing its sales by 9% in 2020 with the new products, Papirus also follows its investment plan of R$ 25 million started in 2017, in order to expand its productive capacity and accelerate the process of modernization of equipment, with a view to the evolution of industry 4.0. The largest producer of cardboard from recycled material and first in the country to act as a recycler, Papirus is the only company in the sector prepared today both in terms of equipment and recycling control and audit processes, giving security to end users, through certifications, to attest to the sustainability of the product, and even the recycled material index used in the manufacture of cardboard. "We have changed our logo to show that Papirus now has technology, knowledge and an open and fully controlled recycling process, with a cycle ranging from 100% use of recycled paper up to 100% of paper produced from the virgin fiber. We are a company prepared to meet all the demands of cardboard, take care of this whole process, including reverse logistics", highlights Amando Varella, Commercial Director and Marketing of Papirus. Papirus produces 105,000 tons of cardboard annually, used in the manufacture of packaging from various sectors, prominently from the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, serving more than 200 direct customers nationwide – printers and converters – and which provide packaging for large brands. "With growing concern about environmental issues, major brands seek to ensure sustainability throughout the product manufacturing process, which includes packaging. And Papirus prepared to do this efficiently and completely, with the ability to reuse packaging and reduce waste," Varella said. Currently, 40% of recycled paper production is made from sparades and 60% virgin fiber, and Papirus provides products with different degrees of recycled index, including working up to 30% post-consumption paper, that is, paper used that returns directly for recycling through the company's reverse logistics system, supported by the performance of partner cooperatives. The Vita high-quality cardboard line gains more prominence in Papirus' portfolio, with the launch of Vitacycle – paper made with 30% post-consumption recycled material, in addition to the reinforcement of Vitabarr, Vitablister, Vitaplus and Vitafreezer papers and the launch vitacopo. "It's a line that feeds itself in terms of sustainability, because we can recycle products made of virgin fiber by Papirus," varella notes. New slogan and values of Papirus The Vita designation begins to compose the new slogan "Papirus, Somos Vita", replacing the previous (Transforming Paper Transforms Lives), precisely to reflect the new values related to the commitment to sustainability, flexibility to produce roles according to customers' needs and transformative DNA. "The company's philosophy of reinventing itself and building solutions together, which characterizes its performance since the foundation, gained even more strength from the change in papirus' management model. The company replaced the CEO's figure with the shared management of three directors," Varella said, explaining that this ensured more autonomy in the areas of responsibility of the three directors, and even more agility and efficiency. "This is the fourth year of shared management, which has allowed us to reap good results and advance customer relationship strategies, which is a great differential of Papirus, developing innovations together," he adds.
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