Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New beer labelling rule came into force in November

The Brazilian beer market is experiencing intense changes. A year after the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) published a normative instruction regulating beer labeling in Brazil, giving companies a 365-day deadline for companies to adapt, the new requirements now become official. Thus, from November 18, 2019, all beer labels marketed in Brazil, whether produced here or imported, should clearly describe all the ingredients used in the beverage. The text of Normative Instruction 68 of the MAPA states categorically: the obligation to contain, in a clear, precise and ostentatious way, in the labeling of beers, the information indicating the ingredients that make up the product, replacing the generic expressions 'non-malted or malted cereals' by specifying the names of cereals and raw materials effectively used as a brewer. But the decree also determines that when derivatives are used (such as syrups, chirera or starch), the ingredient mentioned should be that of origin. That is, if, for example, beer contains high maltose corn syrup, its label should contain only the ingredient "corn". This, moreover, is not the first change to regulate the Brazilian beer market in recent months. In July, for example, in a decision that brought much controversy, MAPA signed a decree releasing the use of products of animal origin – such as honey and milk – in the composition of beer. And last week, the national brewing market gained an important boost from the installation of the Sector Chamber of the Beer Production Chain, a body that brings together numerous entities in the sector. Public health The obligation to detail the ingredients is the result of a Popular Civil Action of the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Goiás, which had as defendants large breweries of the country and the Union. The Attorney of the Republic Mariane Guimarães, author of the action, argues that access to information is a public health issue for beer consumers. "The mere opposition of information 'non-malted cereals' or 'brewers' in beer labels is insufficient for manufacturers to be desinced from the burden of providing clear and accurate information on the products they put in the consumer market," concludes the prosecutor. For Rodrigo Sena, Sommelier of beers, adjunct can be considered any ingredient used in production other than water, malt, hops and yeast. "Fruits and condiments, for example, are also adjunct, but the controversy is in the adjuncts that replace malt in revenues," says the expert. According to him, breweries that use corn or syrups hide this on their labels for fear of rejection of consumers, who prefer beers with more flavors. "Often a beer that contains corn or rice is not bad. The problem is that larger-scale beers replace about 45% of malt with these adjuncts, and this leaves beer neutral, without diversity of flavors," rodrigo explains. Repercussion With this new rule, beers that are not pure malt are obliged to say what their sources of sugar are, in addition to the malt of cereals. "This change will affect the mainstream (large) breweries much more, which are still reluctant to describe the deputies used, so much so that to date most follow do not fit," explains André Lopes, lawyer specializing in the brewing sector. The decision was also well regarded by the craft beer market. For Carlo Lapolli, President of the Brazilian Association of Craft Beer (ABRACERVA), the most detailed labeling will bring transparency to consumers. "There was always an attempt to hide the corn. Now the information should be clearer and this is always good for the consumer and industry as well," lapolli argues. Brewer Vitor Fachini, Commercial Manager of Sorocaba's Wayne190 brewery, assures that the new labeling rule will help consumers better choose their beer. "With this information at hand, the consumer will be able to understand more clearly what they are drinking. I believe this increases the likelihood of him looking for more quality in pure malt beers," concludes the Wayne190 manager.
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