Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Lubricant in cardboard packaging is now available in Brazil

A novelty in the area of lubricants is initiating a real change of behavior in the automotive sector. It is the Phoenyx Oil high performance lubricating oil line – formulated with high quality raw material and efficiency – which, since the beginning of this semester, has been marketed in bag-in-box packaging of 2, 4 and 20 liters. Widely disseminated in the United States and Europe, bag-in-box packaging consists of a plastic bag packed in high strength cardboard box, with anti-leakage and anti-reflux closing device. Abroad, the distribution of lubricants in this packaging already occurs successfully. In Brazil, beverage and food manufacturers have been using large-scale bag-in-box fillers. Produced by Fersol Lubrificantes (from Mairinque, SP), Phoenyx Oil is the first automotive oil in Brazil marketed in bag-in-box format. The new packaging is a solution used in this market as it prevents splashes that cause environmental contamination This is a significant innovation for both consumers and lubricant manufacturers, as well as for automakers. Phoenyx Oil is currently available at points of sale in Greater São Paulo and Jundiaí. Fersol plans to continue expanding the product distribution network this year. Inviolable, the plastic bag that packs Phoenyx Oil is end-of-mouthed with safety seal that prevents product tampering. It incorporates a polyamide layer that extends its mechanical resistance and prevents ruptures. Packed in the innovative bag-in-box packaging, Phoenyx Oil multifunctional lubricants are intended for motors, hydraulic systems, automatic transmissions and CVT. Because they meet different applications, multifunctional products make it possible to rationalization of inventories at points of sale and carriers, for example. The line includes mineral, semisynthetic, synthetic and biodegradable oils. Meeting the strictest international quality specifications, such as API and USAC (from the United States) and ACEA (from Europe), the Phoenyx Oil line meets the requirements of the country's leading vehicle manufacturers. "Our oil tracks the evolution of automakers in performance and sustainability," notes Everton Muoio Gonçalles, Engineer responsible for the development of the Phoenyx Oil lubricants line. For Michael Hardom, CEO of Fersol, the launch of the Phoenyx Oil line is a milestone in the company's history. "We are sure that this product will promote a permanent change in the way of acquiring lubricating oils," he says. He reveals that the company partnered with Scholle, a U.S. company in the bag-in-box packaging segment, for the supply of packaging and state-of-the-art machinery that made lubricant soathes in this system for the first time in Brazil. "We have great expectations about this partnership," said Fábio Wu, Sales Manager at Scholle. "We support this project because we believe fersol has the potential to insert this technology and be a reference in the distribution of automotive oil in the country." In the United States Scholle serves leading lubricant manufacturers and has already surpassed the 25 million bag-in-box packaging brand marketed in this sector.
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