Tuesday, November 19, 2019

E-commerce Must Grow Double Digit on Date

E-commerce is expected to make R$ 3.07 billion during Black Friday in 2019, which means an 18% growth compared to 2018. The projection is from Ebit| Nielsen - global data measurement and analysis company. Orders can be up 15% compared to last year, reaching 4.91 million with an average ticket of R$ 626 - a change of 3%. Sales of e-commerce sales during the two days (November 28 and 29) represents 5% of the total year. According to the EbitINielsen survey, 85% of consumers stopped making an online purchase this year, awaiting discounts on Black Friday. Methodology The survey was applied in September 2019 with consumers who shopped in online stores affiliated with Ebit| Nielsen (have registration with verified information).
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