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May, 2018

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The World Cup Will Move R $1.5 Billion

5/3/2018 - The World Cup is expected to generate a value of R $1.51 billion in retail revenue. Sales will advan

ABComm Conquest injunction against the postal rate increase

5/3/2018 - The Brazilian Association of Commerce (ABComm) obtained a court injunction that limits the adjustmen

Mother's day Online Sales Grow 35%

5/3/2018 - Sales in e-commerce sales for mother's day must grow 35% compared to the same period last year, acco

Apple Raises net profit at 25.3%

5/3/2018 - Apple recorded a net profit of $ $13.8 billion in the quarter, 25.3% larger the same range of 2017.

Wholesale distributor industry grows 0.7% in 2017

5/3/2018 - In 2017 the wholesaler distributor segment grew by 0.7% in real terms and 3.7% in nominal terms, rea

Owner of Lacta's 48.9% increase in profit for the 1st Qtr

5/3/2018 - The Mondelez International, owner of brands such as Lacta, Trident and Oreo, closed the first quarte

Health and FOOD PRESS and IPC-S ACCELERATES HIGH to 0.34% in April, SHOWS FGV

5/3/2018 - Sao Paulo-the Weekly consumer price index (CPI-S) accelerated high to 0,34% in April, of 0,17% in th

Boeing purchase aerospace component maker KLX for $ $4.25 bi

5/2/2018 - Boeing reported on Tuesday that will buy the KLX, a distributor of aerospace parts, by $ $63 per sha

Bradesco closes contract with Brazil's arm on Mortgage Brokers

5/2/2018 - Bradesco and CrediMorar, Brazil group Brokers arm, signed a new contract, with a validity of three y

Genom, the pharmaceutical sector, mira expansion of 25% this year

5/2/2018 - The Genom, Union business unit pharmaceutical chemistry, raise the revenue in your 25% this year, af

Analog tv shuts down to 11 million in may

5/2/2018 - In may, a little more than 11 million people will rely on the analogue television signal in 89 citie

Wine announces purchase of importing

5/2/2018 - The Wine, a platform for online sale of wines, announced the acquisition of Bodegas, importer and di

CADE approves sale of vegetable seeds business from Bayer to Basf

5/2/2018 - The Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved, without restrictions, the acquisiti

Export of JBS Meat grows 33 industrialized% in 1st Qtr and reaches record

5/2/2018 - SAO PAULO-the JBS group JBS meats Division exported volume record of 16800 tonnes of industrial prod

Supermarkets opt for local farmer to track best Organics

5/2/2018 - In order to ensure the proper origin and purity of foods classified as organic, retailers of all siz

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