Friday, December 14, 2018

Sale of vehicles can grow up to 12%, says Ford

Ford estimates that the sale of new vehicles in Brazil should grow from 10% to 12% in 2019 – a high lower than the recorded between January and November 2018, when the accumulated expansion is 15%. If the expectation is confirmed, the next year should end with the sale of up to 2.9 million vehicles. For Argentina, the projection is of further retraction, due to the economic crisis. Sales to the country, which until November 2018 accumulate recoil of 9%, 20% more to fall 25 percent next year, estimates the automaker. With that, the Argentine market can be reduced to a total of up to 600,000 units. According to the Vice President of Ford South America, Rogelio Golfarb, the growth expected for Brazil will be pulled again for sales to corporate customers, such as car rentals, rural producers and fleet owners. For the common consumer, the recovery will be slower. "I'm not seeing an improvement in interest on a 12-month horizon," justified the Executive, at an event held on Thursday, 13, for the automaker. Golfarb pointed out that sales to corporate customers accounted for two-thirds of the growth of 2018. This occurred because the factories are still high with idleness, which forced a reduction in price to stimulate the production and release stock. In addition, enterprise customers have more conditions that a common consumer finance the purchase of the car. Reducing the Selic, lamented the Executive, has not been accompanied by a fall at the same rate of interest for the automotive sector. While the base rate has fallen 54% between 2016 and 2018, the interest for vehicle consumers retreated 14%. "The drop in the Selic was too small. And there is no projection of fall to the Selic rate next year, "he said. In relation to the elected Government, the Ford Executive said to expect greater clarity about the foreign trade policy. "The opening is healthy, but you have to know how will be made. In addition, with the American Government more protectionist and the Brexit, the world seems in review of your order. Need to know how Brazil will fit into it. "
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