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Hairdresser's services more grew between 2008 and 2018

More than 125,000 hairdressers started operations or if formalized in Brazil since 2008. In the interval, vertical to provide services like fast delivery (34600 companies) and domestic activities (32400) also popularized. Masonry services providers (77100), sales promotion (69800) and electrical installations (32800) are other categories that recorded exponential growth of 2008 here. The information was compiled by market intelligence company Empresômetro from public data bases as maintained by the IRS. According to experts consulted by the DCI, a number of factors contributed to the explosion of the number of service providers in the country. FecomercioSP's economic advisor, Altamiro Carvalho pointed out that the scenario of unemployment and despondency evident from 2014 encouraged many decisions in favour of entrepreneurship by necessity. Have the consultant of Sebrae-SP, Diego Smorigo, recalled that many "new" entrepreneurs had the ease of the individual entrepreneur scheme (MEI) as an incentive. "In a lot of business in the field of services for low entry barrier and the only operating cost is you [the owner]. Is different from a shop, where you have to worry about issues such as stock or physical location ", he argued. "There are various alternatives for those with specialization", continued Altamiro Carvalho.No specific case of hairdressers, however, an isolated fact contributed to a jump in the number of new business size in ten years. "About two years the Salon Partner Law formalized the relationship between professionals and owners of hairdressing salons. With that, greatly increased number of formalizações in this market, "explained Diego Smorigo. "In addition, the amount of Barber shops that have opened in recent years pulled this up indicator", added the Sebrae-SP consultant. "not to mention that it is a service simple to open, with equipment that are not expensive," he added. "There's a whole trend of aesthetics winning very big importance in the household budget." Not for nothing, the Empresômetro data indicate that other activities linked to aesthetics services received 36100 new business during the past decade. It was also a change in the legislation that allowed the vertical growth of domestic services in the range – in this case, the complementary law nº 150/2015, which guaranteed rights for regulated workers within the area. In the case of fast delivery services, the popularization of e-commerce and different applications of delivery may have contributed to the movement. Among the leaders at the opening of new businesses in the field of services, there is still room for road hauliers of regularized loads (27000 CNPJs from 2008 if disregarded the dealing with dangerous goods), companies specializing in training managerial and professional (26400), direct marketing (25900), in the Organization of trade fairs or congresses (25400) or in buildings and buildings (21500). DesafiadorApesar of admission in the branch of services be considered less complex by experts, the challenge of maintaining a standing provider is no different in comparison with other sectors. Remember that in 12 months to September, the volume of services in the country has accumulated a fall of 0.3%, according to the monthly survey of services (PMS). When are considered only the first nine months of 2018, the fall is 0.4%. To Diego Smorigo, Sebrae-SP, one of the reflections brought by the large amount of new providers is precisely a scenario even more challenging. "With a flood of new people coming on the market, competition increases," he pointed out. Empresômetro Operations Manager, Horst Hunger stated to inns, every day of the CNPJs 6000 5000 (whether they are service providers or not) are included in the national database compiled by the company. To this end, the operation uses technologies such as a robot specialized in information capture. On the contrary, the work of deleting inactive business would also be constant. "In Brazil were opened 40 million of companies since they began to be recorded. Of these, only 20 million are active today, "said Horst.
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