Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kit Kat opens new plant in Japan to produce exotic flavors

Wasabi and sweet potatoes may not be the most popular flavors of Kit Kat, but Japanese demand for exotic chocolate bar versions encouraged manufacturer Nestle to open a new factory to meet the trend.
The Switzerland-based company announced on Wednesday that will open, on 1 August, for the first time in 16 years, a new Kit Kat Japan''s factory in the city of Himeji.
The expansion is a response to the popularity of chocolate "Made in Japan", said Nestle in a statement.
The country began to consume Kit Kat in 1973, but today the sweet overcame the traditional chocolate bar.
In addition to Wasabi-a spicy condiment served in Japanese cuisine-, Nestlé offers about 30 special flavors on the island, green ginger tea, passing for strawberry cheesecake Yokohama and Kobe milk pudding.
Nestle said that the sweets produced in the new factory of Himeji will be sold in physical stores and over the internet.
The toppings are usually much more expensive than the traditional bar.
A Special Edition Kit Kat covered of gold produced in 2015 was sold for an impressive $16-a thin chocolate usually cost around $13.
G1 – 26/07/2017
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