Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Stand up pouch for baby food ensures convenience and safety

Among the most recent innovations in food packaging''s version stand up pouch with spout, which combines portability, possibility of direct consumption on the packaging and closure after use.
Stand up pouch is unbreakable and baby food lines and nozzles allow children, from a year ago, feed themselves, because packages don''t contain engolíveis parts, according to Alan Baumgarten, Gualapack manufacturer Executive. According to Baumgarten, among the advantages are that the content can be fully tapped and the food is protected due to the presence of aluminum. In applications in fruit purees for children, for example, the shelf-life can get, on average, a year out of the fridge.
To say that the food goes through a pasteurization process, which creates the effect of sterilization, the Chief Executive stresses the importance of the presence of aluminum. That''s because the filling process is protected by the packaging, which prevents contact with gases or external contamination.
"Certainly the use of this type of packaging for food must grow. In addition to increased demand for packaging that have strong appeal for security and convenience, the Brazilian market should migrate to the stand up pouch categories little valued due to the absence of portability, hygiene and difficulty opening, "predicts Baumgarten.
Portal Embalagens de Aluminio - 03/03/2017
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