Friday, March 17, 2017

Pia''s new factory strengthens positioning in category of yoghurt

Piá cooperative will inaugurate tomorrow (17/3) the expansion of your new yoghurt factory in Nova Petrópolis, a work begun in 2011. According to data of the cooperative, the Pia will pass-with the new structure-having a capacity of 450 tons per day of fermented (milk drinks and yogurt), butter, cottage cheese, sweet milk and sweet fruit. This is triple the current capacity, which reaches 150 tons per day.
In addition to expanding the physical area in over 9000 square meters, the new plant will have a new structure. With this, will be modernized to fermentation and packaging of yoghurts, milk reception, as well as the production of cottage cheese and dulce de leche. The direction of Pia reports that to carry out these changes were invested 85 million R$, from the financing Badesul, BRDE and Banrisul.
According to Gilberto Kny, President of Pia, the modernization of the industrial park will allow the Pia has the highest levels of food safety, decrease the cost of production and, consequently, an increase in capacity in commercial markets such as Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. "With greater production capacity, we are guaranteeing the purchase of all production of the cooperative members in the coming years, including prospect of increase significantly the volume" ensures Kny. "With the focus on the manufacture of yoghurt, we can ensure a better price to the producer," adds the President.
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