Friday, December 01, 2017

IPEL launches first line of toilet paper with Quad sheet in Brazil

Considered an innovative product, the first brand of toilet paper Quad sheet from Brazil, is the new and latest release of Indaial – IPEL, national manufacturer of tissue located in the southern region of the country, in the municipality of Santa Catarina of Indaial.
The product unprecedented in the Brazilian market of tissue is made with 100% virgin pulp and will perform on the retailers carrying the name "Ness" in your visual identity. The toilet paper Ness promises more comfort, maximum absorption and softness to the touch.
The new line of toilet paper the IPEL is now available for sale.
Currently the company has a production capacity of more than 5,000 tons/month and has about 500 direct employees, infrastructure that allows the toilet paper Ness is extremely innovative, since it has noble raw material, technology sustainable and ecologically correct, all to provide an excellent user experience to consumers, giving it a high perception of added value to the product and the brand.
The IPEL is recognized in the Latin American market by your tradition to bring innovative solutions to the tissue market, both in institutional and retail line. The company has a vast history of certifications, ISO, FSC and good manufacturing practices.
The Ipel also has in its values the practice of sustainability, with successful cases in this area. Recently, he was awarded the Fritz Müller Trophy, FATMA, environmental agency of Santa Catarina, by your recycling program.
Tissue on line - 01/12/2017
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