Tuesday, January 24, 2017

PIF Paf provides 5% high in 2017

Renew the mix and ensure the loyalty of consumers remains the strategy of Pif Paf-mining company that in 2016 made R$ 1.9 billion-this year. From this month, supermarkets and bakeries in different cities in Brazil will win one more option than the traditional glass of cream cheese: the Ladelli line, which will have traditional and light versions. The development and product distribution logistics received 540,000 investment contribution of R$, which the company hopes to have in two years. The new bet is just one of several products that will be launched in 2017 and that will help the company to beat its goal of 5% growth in relation to 2016, reaching revenues of almost $2 billion.
The corporate Manager of institutional relations of the Pif Paf, Claudio Faria, explains that the curd is the first product of the company''s milk line and comes to complement the brand mix by combining with other items. "We know that the curd is a consumer product and that can be associated with other items also sell, like the shredded chicken, which can be used with the cottage cheese in a pie, and the cheese bread, which can be eaten with cream cheese for breakfast, for example," he says. In front of shelves filled with other brands of cheese, the strategy of differentiation of Pif Paf will be on cost benefit, according to the Manager.
The Pif Paf closed with 1.9 billion R$ 2016 revenues, which represents an increase of 9% from 2015. For 2017, it is expected to grow 5% compared to last year. For the Manager, the growth has been possible in year of economic crisis precisely because of this strategy to remain invested in new products. "We started releasing product 2017 and that''s how we grow. Our strategy is to expand the portfolio to attract different customers with more elaborate products with higher added value and always fast and practical preparation ", stresses.
Supermercado Moderno - 23/01/2017
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