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Klabin says that will be the year 2017 to make money

12/9/2016 - São Paulo – the year 2017 will be return to Klabin and its shareholders, after strong investments, p

Sugarloaf provides retail growth in the second half of 2017

12/9/2016 - São Paulo – the Pão de Açúcar group expects retail sector growth in Brazil in 2017, but will keep th

Demand for electronics will grow back only in 2018, says Abinee

12/9/2016 - Sao Paulo-the electronics industry can resume the growth only in 2018, after three years of poor per

Sodiê Candy want to Earn R$ 280 Mi in 2017

12/9/2016 - The Sweet Sodiê announces its expansion plan to 2017. Currently has 271 stores distributed throughou

E-commerce products used Grows 81%

12/9/2016 - According to a survey of the Integrated Store, free platform for creating online stores, the number

Assaí open two more stores in Baixada Santista

12/8/2016 - This month, the Assai opens the doors of two new stores in Baixada Santista. One of them, in the cit

GPA Provides Suppers Ready

12/8/2016 - On Extra network will be two options: classical, which serves six people and costs 199 R$, and happy

Material and equipment prices Falling 0.09%

12/8/2016 - The national construction Cost Index (INCC-DI) was 0.16% rise compared with a high of 0.21% in Octob

Mondelez invests US $65 Million

12/8/2016 - The Mondelez Brazil, owner of brands such as Lacta, Trident, Oreo, informed, by means of communicati

Only 10% of consumers Are loyal to Brands

12/8/2016 - A survey conducted by ICLP, a company specialized in strategies for consumer loyalty, analysed the p

Stella Artois presents returnable bottle 550 ml

12/8/2016 - The beer Stella Artois launches its 550 ml glass bottle. The bottle is returnable, aerodynamic, more

Expansion in different ways

12/8/2016 - Expansion has been one of the key words of the Freddo Gelateria. The brand has recently opened its s

Pullman presents new packaging for the holidays

12/8/2016 - During the entire month of December, the Pullman brand products, of Grupo Bimbo, the world leader in

Carriers get the niche e-Sedex

12/8/2016 - São Paulo-After confirmation that the e-Courier, offered by the post office will be closed from Janu

Open store in gas station is an alternative to malls and street

12/8/2016 - Sao Paulo-the high flow, the capillarity (there are about 40000 in Brazil), and greater agility in d

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