Thursday, July 28, 2016

Visual gourmet and healthy

The Superbom launches the first brazilian vegan cream cheese, Vegan Cream Cheese Superbom. According to David Oliveira, Marketing Manager of Superbom, there is a growing demand in the market of healthy eating in Brazil and also to foods that meet various types of food intolerance. "This consumer profile is of someone modern, worried about the body and with the planet, we want to have the same food that the majority of the population consumes, but without suffering discomfort food."
The marketing team of Superbom devised the modern form, clean, vibrant and gourmet. In glass jars of Nadir, the packaging is aligned to a gourmet and premium positioning. The metal cover, provided by Silgan White Cap, has a valve that ensures the vacuum and the conservation of the product. The transparent label leaves the visible product. On the cover was adopted a metallic adhesive labelling and also works as a seal. The labels are the Index Label.
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