Friday, July 29, 2016

Social networks are the main channel of sales conversion

Having a page on the social network has been an essential tool for sales in e-commerce companies.  According to research compiled by Sebrae, in partnership with Brazil, E-commerce relationship pages were cited by 72% of respondents as one of the main channels for the implementation of online sales. The search engines were in second place, mentioned by 68%.
Until last year, the organic search was the main gateway for customers in e-commerce sites, and social networks were occupying fourth place. "This result shows that the owners of micro and small enterprises should keep up with the technological developments and consumer trends. Know explore a social media could mean precious gains for entrepreneurs, "says the President of Sebrae, Afif.
In addition to the social networks and from organic search, the use of tools such as email marketing, PPC and Whatsapp are also on the list of important channels for putting sales.  More than half of business owners who sell their products over the internet using e-mail marketing; 44%, sponsored links; and 35%, Whatsapp.
The survey also detected that, in addition to being used for the realisation of sales, social networks are an important channel of assistance, both in pre, as in. Considering the possibility of multiple choice, the survey found that eight out of ten e-commerce entrepreneurs use Facebook to connect with customers; 49% use Whatsapp; 40%, Instagram; and 21%, Twitter, use that has grown every year. In 2015, in the post and in the pre-sale social networking had highlighted with 74% of attendances and Whatsapp with 34%.
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