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July, 2016

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The internet price index falls 0.69% in June compared with may, says Ibevar

7/18/2016 - SAO PAULO-the internet price index, known as e-flation and calculated by the Brazilian Institute of

Brazilian retail sales retreated 3.1 percent in June, says Cielo

7/18/2016 - RIO DE JANEIRO-Brazilian retail sales fell 3,1% in June over the same month of 2015, already discoun

Amid the crisis, shortage of used cars in the shops

7/18/2016 - SAO PAULO-the crisis that brought down the zero-kilometer car market had a reverse effect on car sal

Coca-Cola foresees acquisitions in Latin America

7/18/2016 - A constant movement to launch products and leave for new acquisitions will be in the focus of Zarazú

Sale of full grape juice slows down

7/18/2016 - After closing high of 29.8% 2015 by volume, selling grape juice only 0.41% advanced integral between

Wickbold and Seven Boys, together, want to win new customers

7/18/2016 - The manufacturer of industrialized breads Wickbold should take until the end of this year to complet

Supermarkets paulistas hired more than fired

7/18/2016 - On the basis of official information of the Caged (General Register of employed and unemployed), Apa

Dip Chickens, the Parana, announces cut of 12.5% in chicken production

7/15/2016 - To overcome the negative impact of high prices of corn and the weak domestic consumption, the Dip pa

Renuka Brazil must propose the sale of power plants to pay creditors

7/15/2016 - The Renuka Brazil, indiana''s Shree Renuka Sugars and reorganization since October 2015, should prop

WP Angra dos Reis Holdco and Warburg Pincus LLC buy 32% of Camil

7/15/2016 - The WP Angra dos Reis Holdco and the private equity fund Warburg Pincus LLC (WP) today announced the

Coca-Cola enters the coffee market with the Lion brand

7/15/2016 - Coca-Cola will sell coffee. From the first week of August will be available in supermarkets and spec

Consumer finds it difficult to maintain healthy nutrition

7/15/2016 - Although value healthy habits of life, consumers still find it difficult to put them into practice.

Sales of wines and national sparkling fell 6.3%

7/15/2016 - According to data of Ibravin (Brazilian Institute of wine), wine and sparkling wine sales fell 6.3%

Boost ice cream sales of superfluous basket

7/15/2016 - Despite the economic crisis, the consumption of ice cream had little elevation in the last 12 months

Brazil''s economy shrinks 0.51% in may

7/15/2016 - The brazilian economic activity retreated 0.51 percent in May compared to April, according to figure

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