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The 50 most valuable beauty brands in the world according to Brand Finance

British consultancy Brand Finance, specializing in the valuation of brands, unveiled its ranking with the most valuable beauty brands in the world, the Cosmetics Brand Finance 50. To get the results the consultancy calculates the values of the brands using an approach of Royalty Relief. This approach involves estimating future sales likely attributable to a brand and the calculation of a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of it, if the company was not its owner.
Once again, L '' Oréal Paris stands out as the most valuable brand of cosmetics in the world, with an increase of 22% in relation to the value assigned to the mark in the previous year. By Brand Finance the brand is worth $ 13.7 billion, a record in the industry. At the same time, the Mark L Oréal ´ (without Paris, about which the company uses for corporate purposes) was also elected as the strongest brand in the market, in another study by Brand Finance, which established an index of brand strength. By this ranking, the French were in third place, after the media and entertainment conglomerate Disney and toy maker Lego.
This year''s results show that the brands based outside the United States were negatively impacted by foreign exchange fluctuations of their currencies against the dollar. In fact, the vast majority of the brands presented fall or, at best, a slight growth in their respective values. 21 of the 50 most valuable brands are controlled by American companies. The French total 11 marks.
No one suffered more than the brazilian. The direct sales brand generates 80% of its sales in reais and suffers with a scenario of recession and inflation in Brazil, in addition to the strong devaluation of the real against the dollar. The ranking, Natura lost 67% of the value of your brand in comparison with the previous year, falling from 14 to the 34th position.
Other direct selling company, u.s.-based Avon, suffered a sharp drop. And, despite being in Brazil its largest market, the problems in its home market are equally responsible for the fall of 54%. This year, Avon broke up its operation in the United States and Canada in a new company, with a new majority shareholder.
One of the few good performances of the year was obtained by male deodorants brand of Unilever, Axe. For the Brand Finance, the roll out of its strategy to change its image as a male teenager to adopt masculine nuances more adults. In January, the brand launched in some countries the campaign '' Find your magic '', which encourages men to free themselves of assumptions about how they should behave and express themselves. For advice, this is a particularly appropriate message for a brand that seeks to redefine themselves.
The value of the brand Axe jumped up to 69%. Other Unilever brands, very strong in Brazil, such as Dove, Lux and have not had the same luck and showed sharp falls in their respective values. The same applies to two major u.s. brands of skin care segment in the market of mass: Olay, Neutrogena, from Johnson and P&G & Johnson. If you see your biggest beauty brand dropped from third to sixth position in the ranking, with 35% loss in brand value, Johnson & Johnson has reason to celebrate. Of the seven brands that entered the rankings for the first time, three are part of the portfolio of the company: Aveeno and Le Petit Marsellais (both not available in Brazil) and RoC, of dermacosmetics.
Cosmética News - 06/05/2016
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