Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Succession model led butcher to expand business

Sao Paulo-a sequence of succession right carried out led to family business CampCarne, today led by brothers Pedro and Toledo, transforming the little butcher shop de Campinas in a logistics company that grows double digits a year.
Created in mid-1930 by the great-grandfather of entrepreneurs, the company was born as a refrigerator, evolved into a trade of meat and three generations later became a holding company controlling two companies: the butcher shop-today with gourmet appeal-and the corporation specialized in logistics management to power networks W Food Service.
To get here, however, it took a lot of efforts. Among them, treated as the main family Toledo, was the succession of the company, which was passing from generation to generation without causing troubles or disputes between members of the clan.
"It''s not because the person''s family that she is able to take any position. We always had this thought that it is necessary to be able to run the business, in addition to having affinity with this business, "says the Director of CampCarne, Pedro Toledo.
Perhaps, therefore, the continuity of the family business surpasses the average duration of family businesses in Brazil that, generally, they are the third generation.
According to experts, each 100 family businesses that are open only 30% reach the second generation and only 5% to the third, largely because of family disputes by the power of the business.
"The business vision has to be part of the feature of the successor. My sister, for example, is a lawyer. It''s not our area. The goal of who assumes it has to be clear and, for that, you need to prepare well, "he says.
Despite the successful examples, Toledo shows concern for the future of the business and decided to increase even more the model of management and succession in CampCarne and W Food Service.
"I still don''t think in future generation, but we have prepared for those receiving this company to become even better than it already is, so we decided to apply the program partners for Excellence [PAEX]," says the Manager.
The program mentioned by Toledo is applied by the Fundação Dom Cabral in midsize companies interested in improving their management and business development.
With the help of teachers, the course includes activities such as the development and reshaping of the company''s strategic planning, monthly follow-up of the result, the structuring of the company''s management and a Leadership Development Programme (PDD) focused on the training of enterprise managers in strategy, finance, marketing and sales, management of people, processes and projects.
"The main focus is to professionalize any participant, be it the family that controls the company or not, running a company that size. This also includes the emotional work ", explains the Director of PKT Consultoria Empresarial, Leonardo Teixeira.
Consulting participates in the Dom Cabral project in partnership with the institutions.
According to Tahir, the biggest gain of the program is the exchange of information that managers of different companies can exchange during the course.
The results are, in their vast majority, satisfactory. "When there is synergy, will and engagement in relation to program success is virtually 100%, even from the point of view of the company''s numbers," he recalls.
In the specific case of CampCarne and W Food Service, success can be assessed through the latest figures released by the company. "In 2014, with the program, grew 25% compared to the previous year. Last year, even with the crisis, have advanced 15%. In the first quarter of this year, we are again double-digit growth ahead to first quarter of 2015. We hope to close this way, "2016 finalized Toledo to the DCI.
DCI - 11/05/2016
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