Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sertanorte shows regionality para through packaging

With a focus on taking the whole country products 100% of Pará, Sertanorte has invested in restructuring of your brand and of the entire line of cheeses, pastries, tapioca and manteigas. The goal is to explore the retail segmented, which draws the consumer''s attention not only for the product, but also by history that represents.
The new design brings unique characters, illustrated in string, characteristic of the North and northeast of Brazil, showing a clipping of the culture of those regions. The drawings depict, in subtle details and well prepared, the migration of entrepreneurs own the trademark, the Stop for the Rio de Janeiro (shown by the bus that way the barcode). The logo was modified, retaining the original color base, but changing its format, giving him more visibility and prominence in applications. In the composition of the pieces were used images of strong appetite appeal.
Embalagem Marca - 11/05/2016
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