Tuesday, May 31, 2016

McDonald''s will test '' gourmet '' restaurant in Brazil

Motivated by the advancement of the "gourmet" burgers, as America, Fifties and Diner in town, fast-food brands like McDonald''s and Bobs decided to rearrange part of its stores, moving service, too. The proposal is to offer a less standardized service to customers.
In March 2017, McDonald''s will open its first restaurant a proposal template set to "fast-food gourmetizado" in Brazil. The unit will work on avenida Henrique Schaumann, in São Paulo. "We will introduce there new features being tested in other markets," said the President of the golden arches, Paulo Calderon.
In the United States, there are already projects of the McDonalds of customization of the snack, which allow the customer to choose some of the ingredients, and also service-in some cases, the employee comes up to the table to take your order. There, the network also began offering the menu of breakfast all day, idea that should not be replicated in Brazil, because of the strong presence of the bakeries in the segment.
In stores in Brazil, also have been through some reformulations. In some units, the employees who do not work in the kitchen can circulate without the typical uniform Cap. At the time of ordering, the client also has more options for customization of the sandwich.
Bobs network comes changing the attendance in their units from 2013. The customization is the order in the company. "All products of our menu, minus the bread and hamburger, can go from a snack to another," says Marcello Farrell, Chief Executive of the network. According to him, to allow the client to add the ingredients you love, the average disbursement per meal tends to rise, on average, 10%.
The Bobs also has modified the setting of shops-in furniture, get out the plastic and the wood; in lighting, the white light and high comes giving way to yellow lamps, which give greater sense of comfort. The company''s plan is to complete the conversion of all the units to the new architectural standard in five years. "They are approaching the '' fast casual '' model, which is a trend in this sector," says Marcelo Cherto franchises specialist.
For Eduardo Yamashita, Director of research at the GS Group and Foodservice Institute Member & Brazil (IFB), the change of fast food is guided by the consumer, that today requires a service less standardized. "Has an important market share that starts to be interested in a premium service," he says.
Second Yamashita, power networks outside the home Bill R$ 178 billion today. Fast-food chains represent 27% of this volume. But the market is still far from maturity. "When we ask if a person did at least one meal outside the home the day before, 27% of Brazilians respond Yes, compared to 52% of Americans and 83% of the Chinese."
If the McDonald''s seems to have made peace with their own product, a Union task force is treated today as the main challenge to the image of the brand. Led by Seiu, the American Union movement arose in the USA with the goal to establish a floor of $ 15 per hour for employees.
The Union has spread all over the world, including Brazil. The company today is involved in the action which gave rise to the investigation of Federal prosecutors to investigate suspected tax evasion. Data from the u.s. Labor Department show that the Seiu has spent 1.8 million R$ with lawyers in Brazil to 2013 to 2015.
O Estado de S. Paulo
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