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Follow consumer on the internet is essential for growing company

São Paulo-Follow the target audience on the internet is increasingly important to business growth. Electronic stores, specialized in social networks and digital marketing are some of the options to get to know the client and to conquer new ones.
However, it is necessary to be aware of the differences between these bills and work them separately, since the reading of the strategies is viewed differently between them.
"Regardless of the sector in which she acts, we usually say that is no longer the company''s option is not present on the internet. She will be there anyway. People will talk about it, good or bad. The advantage of monitoring this behavior is that you can defend yourself and to take advantage of that to win consumers, "says e-commerce specialist and Director of Digital Strategy, Raphael Sanders agency Ferrari.
Separate public
According to a global study of TNS Brazil, Millenials generation (aged 16:30 years) usually spend approximately 3.2 hours a day accessing the World Wide Web via their smartphones. The time is equivalent to about one full day per week or 49 days a year online.
"This younger generation is born with the presence of the internet in their daily lives, much larger than the people a little older. Companies need to be mindful that not to focus too much on one and forget the other, "she adds. For him, the digital communication is a great ally of the companies these days, but they know this opportunity.
"They have to stick to the content of your pages, because 32% of people who seek a company page on the internet, this is the relevant factor, second only to the price of the products, which is the most important factor for 38% of Internet users", explains.
Companies that have electronics store, for example, may lead more easily that relationship with customers, in the opinion of the expert, since they have a tool that provides automatic feedback, which is the level of your sales.
"One of the great secrets and possible alternative is you cluster-work differently-the types of audience you have. You can create groups on different fronts, for example, to understand who you need to reach. From there, the Manager know where your audience is, acts and draws up the possible strategies, "he says.
Despite the high cost, a digital marketing campaign can be cheaper than advertising on tv or other media.
"I would say that part of R$ 2000. Will depend on the niche that the company meets, but is more or less this value to start ", indicates Ferrari.
Enter the options with the expense are digital marketing, ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps the company to appear in consumer searches on the internet.
"The idea for small businesses is the option to advertise on a smaller portal, for example. We know that internet giants such as Facebook and Google, charge money for this service. And that is often not the ideal strategy. Varies from case to case ".
Influence marketing
In the opinion of the Managing Director of NO. Agency, agency specializing in marketing influencers, Felipe Iacocca, is also investing in Word of mouth as a way to overcome a relationship with young and old consumers.
The marketing of influence is cited, in this case, as essential in the present day.
"Every once in a while for a large brand, product or a retailer can make that your message reaches the target audience, you have to invest in the mouth, in addition to working in the public say of you. Do your customers true ambassadors and influencers of your brand, and that, like it or not, virtually all platforms, especially in digital communication, "he says.
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