Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prices of 10 Christmas products come with inflation

The 10 most consumed items for Christmas presented high average of 6.77% in prices when compared to values practised in December 2015, percentage next consumer inflation as measured by CPI-10/FGV, which climbed 6.44% in 2016. Among the items with the highest high are: candied fruit (13.84%), tender (10.32%) and nuts (10.24%). Already the lowest growth rates were recorded for Shank ( -2.12%), cod ( -0.45%) and peru (6.88%).

Even with that price increase, there is always a way to try to, as far as possible, save. One of them is the replacement of leading brands, which generally are more expensive, by less known. The IBRE/FGV Economist André Barrie warns that the ideal is not to leave for last minute buying of alimentosa. "Those products that are better designed for an average family and small, like a bird, for example, end up first. Those who leave the shopping for then can spend more because they buy a product larger than their needs, which makes it more expensive, "she stresses.
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