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December is the month that the consumer price research more

Traditionally the end of year is the Festival in which the Brazilian search for best deals, and plan your shopping around the retail month-both online and physical. A survey made by the mobile media platform, AondeConvem, retailers in Brazil, shows that in time to do the research, and plan the whole plethora of shopping, 70% already concentrates these online activities (Web sites, and applications), and 30% seek information in physical stores, which proves that the predominance of the use of smart online tools in our day to day about 72% of consumers do a lot of research online for better deals with the justification of save money in fact, while 24% offers consultation in order to save time, and 3% confessed not to do many searches and shopping impulsively.
How to divide the spending between Christmas and new year
According to the survey, 40% of participants stated that most of the household budget of December will for Christmas spending. But a considerable share of 36% consider that the two celebrations have the same weight in the budget for the month. And 23% of those surveyed invest more on purchases of new year.
Purchases of gifts AondeConvem also raised the most wanted products this Christmas gift for friends and family. The clothes emerge in the lead with 37%, followed by personal accessories (16%), household appliances (13%), electronics (11%), perfumes (6%) and Christmas baskets (5%), among others.

Spent on Gifts In a year of household budget reduced, most (43%) of survey participants intend to devote less than 200 R$ for gifts this year, while the second most representative portion (31%) was in the budget of average 200 to 500 R$ R$. About 10% of plans to keep the amount spent of gifts between 400 and 700 R$ R$. And the minority of 3% responded that must spend more than 1,050 R$, while only 2% should invest more than 2,100 R$ between the gifts.

The survey was made with 11000 AondeConvem users, who already has 7 million users in Brazil.
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