Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Volume exported chicken meat grew 5.6% year to date

Brazilian exports of chicken meat (including fresh and processed products) record growth of 5.5% in volume in 2015 accumulated until August, said today. Brazilian Association of Animal protein (ABPA), based on the export data released by the Bureau of foreign trade (Secex/Mdic). Between January and August, the chicken meat shipments totaled 2.82 million tons, an increase of 5.6% in before the 2.67 million tons sold in the same range as of 2014. In a statement, the Vice President of the ABPA, Ricardo Santin, said the strong pace of exports in recent months had reflections on prices in the domestic market, to the extent that wiped away the offer of cuts like thigh and drumstick.
According to the ABPA, Brazilian exports of chicken meat has benefited the outbreak of avian influenza that affects many countries of the world, notably the United States, which are the biggest competitor of Brazil in the global trade of chicken meat.
Against the growth of the volume exported, there was a drop in foreign exchange revenue. Date of 2015 to August, exports of chicken meat yielded $ 4,85 billion, down 7.7%. The ABPA has appeared, however, that with the devaluation of the Brazilian real to the dollar, the exports revenue in reais grew 25.3 percent, to $ 15 billion.
Considering only the month of August, the total exports of chicken meat (fresh and processed products) yielded $ 651,5 million, a fall of 5.3% compared to the same period last year. On the same basis of comparison, the volume exported chicken meat registered growth of 12.2%, adding 382.4 million tons, according to the ABPA.
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