Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Small suppliers entering the healthy snack segment

Manufacturers predict growth in the coming years in the search for these products, which are ingredients sweet potatoes and beets, among other
Smaller companies are coming in with all the snacks with call for health. One such company is the Fhom, which launched this year the Veg line, consisting of sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips and carrot with sweet potatoes.
The investment in brand was r $ 600 thousand in equipment and production technology. According to Fabian Vidoz, one of the owners, the idea is to increase manufacturing without losing the quality.
Another example is the Roots to Go, whose line includes as ingredients, in addition to the sweet potatoes, beets and carrots. The expectation of Gourmand, owner of the brand, is earn $ 2 million this year and next year, reaching R $ 6 million.
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