Monday, September 21, 2015

Shipments of coffee have altade 1% YTD

Brazilian coffee exports recorded in the months of January to August 2015 increase of 1% over the previous period, totaling $ 4.1 billion. Already the volume had 0.97% reduction, with foreign sales of 23.6 million bags of green grain, roasted, ground and soluble.
In the period under examination by the Ministry of agriculture, the product represented 6.9% of foreign trade of agribusiness. Europe was the main importing market and responsible for the acquisition of 45% of coffee shipped. Other markets are the United States, Japan, Canada and Turkey.
Coffee is the fifth most exported item by the Brazilian agribusiness, getting behind the soybean complex, meat, forest products and sugar alcohol complex.
The data contained in the Statistical Report, published monthly by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and food supply (Mapa) last week.
In the publication are consolidated production numbers, acreage, productivity, domestic consumption, public and private stocks prices and the ranking of world production and consumption.
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