Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sale of air conditioning should fall 19% this year with more difficult scenario

The air conditioning market should close the year with 19% indentation in billing, after advancing 21% last year. The fall is attributed to strong base of comparison in 2014 and the pullback in demand for products in the category.
High temperatures in the summer, however, are the stakes of the manufacturers to try to reverse the picture of slowing consumption. "With the increase in temperature, people end up leaving to buy something and acquire the air conditioning, but the economic scenario affects the impulse buying," says the President of the Brazilian Association of refrigeration, Air Conditioning, ventilation and heating (Abrava), Wadi Tadeu Neaime.
According to him, the basis for comparison with the previous year also makes it harder for the next sector in 2015. "Even with the retraction, we still have a better result than the registered last year," he says.
The demand from corporate customers is one of the factors that can help offset the shrinkage of orders to the domestic retail this year, evaluates Neaime. Investments in this segment are medium and long term, being less affected by the scenario in the short term.
For LG, which serves the domestic market and enterprise, the high temperatures expected for the next few months will not be enough to ensure the reversal of the overall performance of the sector.
"The growth forecast for the year has undergone several revisions. Now we wait for 2015 with high a little close up 10% on line reverse [with greater energy efficiency] and in total we're in Protractor with the market ", says the commercial Director of white line and air conditioning from LG, Lucius Bacha.
In an interview with the DCI at the beginning of the year, the Executive said the company expected high of 15 percent in sales in 2015, after advance 39% in 2014.
"The heat must be intense this year, which will help to stimulate demand, but there is a high probability of missing product at retail," he points out. He explains that the disruption will be caused by the reduction of orders to industry in this year, you won't have time to produce the surplus.
"All the companies are fearful about the sales forecast and the instability of economic scenario. With that, the planning of the sector has changed. The retailers ' requests happen, but in smaller volume, "says he.
The competitor Electrolux also has noticed that customers are more cautious this year. "We see that retailers are more calculating the risk of formation of high stocks of the product," says the Manager of Electrolux products for air care and water care, Mariana Marcondes.
The manufacturer began to receive orders this month and hopes to have better predictability of demand for the summer until the end of September.
"Right now we can still meet most or at least the requests to the main month of the year, but as in any seasonal market, there is always the risk of exceeding the demand planning and Miss product."
The average time between the purchase of raw material and the output of the factory product, account executive, is three months. She cites that, if the heat expected for the next few months does not come, the production company can register retreat front last year. The manufacturer does not reveal, however, the category's sales projection of air conditioning in 2015.
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