Monday, September 21, 2015

Pig market continues to rise, with a high of 6.3%

The pig market continues its movement. Currently, according to a survey of Scot Consultoria in São Paulo the finished animal farms is quoted, on average, for $ 85 the at sign, high of 6.3% in a week. Since the beginning of the valuations (first half of August), the accumulated 28.8% is high.
This recovery has improved the power of the purchase of the suinocultor front of the corn, even with the recent high price of grain.
In Campinas-SP, purchase 9.07 pounds of corn with a pound of pork, an increase of 4.5 percent or 0.39 pounds in seven days.
In wholesale, the appreciation in the period was 7.9%.
The housing has been sold on average for $ 6.80 a kilo. Exports have been collaborating with the production of pigs in the country.
Until the second week of September the Country embarked 24.2 thousand tonnes of pork meat in natura. The daily average is at 3.0 million tons, which corresponds to 85.0% more than average shipped in August 2014.
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