Friday, September 18, 2015

Leveraging spaces on the packaging of beauty products

The inner content of the beauty products cartridges may seem uninteresting, an area easy to ignore. However, with a little imagination and with a careful reflection about how consumers use the products through the outer packaging, this space offers a multitude of opportunities to enlarge brand messages and create significant moments between consumers and brands.
The boxes are currently offering little beyond the first in-store attraction. According to the report of trends in beauty and personal care Packaging of Mintel, 42% of consumers in the United Kingdom they throw away the outer packaging (i.e., the box), so that they begin to use a product of beauty/personal care.
Secondary packagings may also be seen as an excess, a potential negative association, leading consumers to see the packaging waste.
However, increasingly the Mintel noted niche brands leveraging the "empty space" of their cartridges for their own benefits and consumers.
Many primary packaging are overloaded, so that by moving them to the inside of the boxes could help the brands "despoluí them" visually, letting the product design more simple and easy to understand.
A category that could get immediate gains with this measure is skincare, for example. Mintel research shows that 10% of consumers of skincare products claim they do not understand the claims of products. This is just one of the cases in which the brands could improve its positioning, leveraging extra space in their packaging, and giving more space to communicate and conquer the consumer.
The GNPD (Global New Product Database) of Mintel tracks new product releases around the world; through this tool, have seen marks that are already taking advantage of the extra internal space of your cartridges. Some companies are expanding their boxes and adding details about the product. Others are using this space to interact with consumers and engage them in a beauty or action in a particular brand.
Ciaté packing Geltox Top Coat employs a simple design principle, stripped of excesses, and is decorated with the "conscious" use of color.
The idea of the design is transferred to the inside of the flip-top style box, where application instructions are printed inside and easily accessed.
The Caudalie has employed a step-by-step set of instructions and images on its packaging (show and tell), so that they do not seem crowded or arrogant.
Leveraging spaces on the packages of products of belezaOs today's consumers see the package as a communication tool to understand the instructions for preparation/use of the product. Through the "show and tell" on the packaging, the brand or even functional attributes of the product; is a form of communication that seeks to share just enough that the use can be started by who's in a hurry, or the complete product information is available for consumers who want or need more information.
Other brands are taking advantage of the visible part of the cartridge to give consumers quick reminders or just to show you care.
Estelle & Thild, in Sweden, adds a phrase "what's inside matters" on both sides of the opening of the cartridge, which has a double meaning. Knocking on the eternal question of "what is beautiful", the phrase also reminds women about their inner beauty.
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