Friday, September 25, 2015

Galderma, Nestlé, bet in local production

Economic crisis in Brazil, the Swiss group Nestle announced on Thursday that its subsidiary Galderma, specializing in skin care, started the investment of r $ 200 million to build a new plant in the country "to meet the growing demand".
The production in the country, in fact, part of the Swiss group's strategy of replacing imports, especially against a backdrop of real devalued that may have come to stay for a long time. Most of the products from Galderma sold in Brazil are imported and attend the classes A and b.
With local production of multiple items, the company will reduce costs and increase competitiveness to continue expanding sales also by the C-class in the country.
In an interview with Value, Humberto Antunes, President of Nestle Skin Health, unit of the group that owns the Galderma, pointed out that the Brazilian market is very attractive and the third largest consumer of skin care products in the world, after the USA and Japan.
"The Brazilian consumer is more interested in its competitiveness, which passes by the appearance and health, than with the Exchange or the Selic [basic interest rate]," said the Executive. "It's harder to stay employed with dandruff, fungus etc.".
The investment of r $ 200 million, the figure revealed in September last year, will be in Hortolândia (SP), where Galderma already has a small factory.
Nestlé Skin Health purchased from IBM a large plot of land right next to build the new drive, which will increase capacity by nearly ten times.
'' The production is mainly for export to Brazil and Southern Cone, '' said the Executive.
The new plant should start operating in 2018, producing Cetaphil, Daylong, Loceryl, Mirvaso and others. According to the company, the investment will create 300 direct jobs and indirect jobs in the region and 450 will triple its workforce in the area.
The Brazil was the country where Galderma had its second largest subsidiary, but was surpassed by China. The average annual growth in Brazil was 23% in the last five years.
This year, the registers a growth of Galderma sales of 20 percent in the country in terms of aesthetic treatments and correctives, which includes items such as your own botox (Dysport and Restylane). In fact, the penetration of their products in the Brazilian market is still low and is expected to continue expanding.
Non-prescription products also significantly increase your sales. Humberto Antunes note that products that need prescription drugs "gave a parade this year".
The Galderma is launching in Brazil Innéov product line, the company that controlled entirely since the end of June.
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