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Firm demand accelerates the exports ' Coffee

The coffee harvest of the crop 2015/16 ended in the properties of the ' Coffee, in Boulder, in the Mogiana Paulista, and the blossoms of the new cycle, the 2016/17, already appear in coffee plantations after rain at the beginning of this month. Little can be said about the new crop, but that has just been taken of crops was lower than the ' Coffee predicted due to the unfriendly climate.
Nothing, however, to take the company to change its expectations for the volumes of green coffee exported. The prediction is that 70% of the harvested coffee farms to be shipped abroad, according to Edgard Bressani, Executive Director of the ' Coffee, a company that belongs to the SolPanamby group, controlled by the family Quercia. The percentage is the same as in the previous cycle.
In 2015/16, crop harvesting in the properties of the ' Coffee must close in 28 thousand bags of Arabica coffee-most grains are classified as special. The initial projection was a production of 33 thousand sacks, the same volume as the previous season. "Lacked water for filling the grain and there was hail in January", explains Bressani. The farms of the ' Coffee, 70% of crops are irrigated, but it wasn't enough to prevent the loss.
UPS and downs aside, in addition to indicate that "the scenario is optimistic for quality coffee", in the words of Bressani, exports should also be favoured by the appreciation of the dollar against the real.
The increase in international demand for quality coffee, in fact, has led to the ' Coffee buy, from 2013, third-party product, in the South of Minas Gerais, to serve customers abroad. According to Bressani, the company acquires cafes "with the same flavor profile," produced by the ' Coffee. As well as the coffees grown by the company and intended for export, the purchased from third parties to the same end must have note more than 80, according to the criteria of the Q-Grader evaluation Protocol of the specialty coffee Association of America, according to the Executive.
In the first year in which he started to buy from third parties, to the ' Coffee purchased 3.2 thousand sacks. This year, he bought 14 thousand sacks, that number should reach 25 thousand sacks in 2016, second Bressani. On export, some of the cafes ' Coffee reach up to double the market price, for its quality. "But they're not all", ponders the Executive, adding that there are "adding value by quality work" done with the coffee. The indicator for the Arabica coffee Cepea/Esalq, a reference in the conventional market, stood at R $ 476,73 to draw on Friday.
The demand for specialty coffees is growing not just abroad. Even with the economic crisis in Brazil, the firm follows consumption. "We operate in a niche market, who can afford is still buying," the CEO.
Apart from export, the group, through an arm called Specialty, also serves on coffee roasting to the internal market with the brands Octavio and Gift and by selling coffee to third parties. And joined five months ago, in the segment of coffee capsules, also branded Octavian, initially with five blends.
The performance of the segment, which grows so dizzying in the country, surprised the company. "We underestimated the volume," admits Bressani. According to him, today the Specialty is producing 3 thousand pounds per month of coffee in capsules, but that volume should increase to 4 thousand pounds next year. To give you an idea, in the segment of ground roasted coffee, the company produces 5 thousand pounds monthly.
While using third parties to meet external demand, the ' Coffee maintains an ambitious expansion project, started two years ago, to give support to their growth in specialty coffees. The company has an area of 1,140 acres of coffee, which are divided into eight farms in Boulder. Until 2013, the coffee plantations occupied six farmsteads and 1,000 hectares. These 140 additional acres were planted in areas where previously there was sugar cane.
Second Bressani, the project foresees the planting of 200 hectares of coffee each year from 2017 to reach about 2 thousand hectares of until 2021. "We will grow in areas of sugar cane", explains. With this, the number of feet of cafes will present 4 million to 9 million in six years. In addition to coffee, the Coffee farms are also planting of grain for crop rotation, creation of cattle and sugar cane.
The SolPanamby group, which controls the ' Coffee, will also increase the number of coffee shops Octavio. Today, in addition to the store in São Paulo, Octavio Café, there are two units under construction at the airport of Viracopos in Campinas. The project, according to Edgard Bressani, is to have 70 stores in the country in five years, the franchise model.
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